4 Tips for Bible Time Consistency

Struggle with Bible reading consistency? These 4 tips are for you!

  1. Don't wait for the "Perfect Time" - We all know how this one goes. "it will be quieter then" "I'll have more time when" "I don't have X Y or Z". The excuses can pile up and push you further and further away from your discipleship goals. So don't wait, it doesn't have to look or feel perfect to be growing you. 

  2. Set an alarm on your phone or add it to your habit tracker app - This might be the easiest one on the list! If you know you start scrolling on the socials at the same time every morning/night, set an alarm for that time. You know it's free and how much more productive is time in the word?

  3. Find an online or in person Bible Study Buddy - I probably don't have to tell you there is power in numbers! The accountability and encouragement from a study buddy could be exactly what you need!

  4. Miss a day? Get right back into it - Don't let the shame game get you off course! Jump right back in, avoid making a habit of skipping, but don't let one day get you down. 

We can all get caught up in the busy-ness of life. How do you keep on track with your bible time? I'd love to know! Leave me a comment below.

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