4 Ways to Encourage Someone in Their Faith

Encouragement is SO important, and now more than ever, we need to be pouring into each other.
Let's grow in building others up - here are some tips!    

  • Wear EllyandGrace - Uplift, inspire and point others to Jesus! That's the mission in our brand, and what an amazing way to encourage others wherever you go - even without saying a word!

  • Share music - Sharing your current favorite worship song can be so encouraging!

  • Make it a habit to send new songs you find to others, and they might start sending you their finds too! It can be a great way to connect with a friend you might not see all the time or just a mid-week reminder that you're thinking of them. Not to mention this is a great way to build your playlists!

  • Write out prayers or scriptures - Utilize the lost art of pen and paper.
    I have had friends and family do this for me and it means so much! It's such a personal keepsake and reminder to add to the fridge.

    It shows time, effort, and thoughtfulness. It could be exactly what they need to hear!

  • Pray in the Moment - If you have someone reach-out with a prayer request, stop and take it to God. If you’re feeling extra bold you can even call and pray with them.

    Often we see prayer requests as just another task and they get forgotten by the end of the day. Stopping to pray right when you find out can be so impactful for your friend in need.

    How do you encourage those around you? Leave a comment below

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