3 Ways to Encourage a Friend

Encouragement is so important, let's grow in building others up!

  • Send them a scripture text- Maybe something in your bible time stood out to you that you think they would enjoy. Or just to remind them that you are thinking of them. 

  • Seeing scripture throughout the day can be so encouraging, we have the opportunity to share that with our friends. It doesn’t have to be pushy, just "thinking of you"! 

  • Make time for Quality Time- Buying gifts or treating friends and family might not always be practical. But one thing we can afford is some time!

  • Set aside time, maybe that looks like a call/video call, or a coffee/target/grocery run together. So many people thrive on quality time, think of you friends and if they could benefit from just a little more time one-on-one.

  • Pray for them- Be that “behind the scenes” prayer warrior. 

  • Lift them up! Pray for blessings, favor, grace, love, peace, or joy. The possibilities are endless! If you get stuck I personally like to camp-out around the fruits of the spirit, we could all benefit from a little more fruit in our lives.

    You don’t even have to tell them, just be faithful and let God do what He does.

    How do you encourage your friends? Leave a comment below

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