3 Simple Ways to Spend Time with God

Sometimes life gets really busy! I get it. So I"m always searching for ways to spend time with God during the day- and here are three simple ways you can too!

1) Set your phone background to something that will remind you to spend time with God! This one is my current background. Each time I look at my phone (and I'll be honest- I look WAY too many times a day!!) I'm reminded that I can do all things through Christ.

You can use code "SIMPLE" at checkout to get any wallpaper for free. Yep- FREE!

2) Thank God for the little and big things! Did you have a smooth commute to work this morning? Thank God! Did you hit all the green lights? Say a quick prayer. Did you find the perfect birthday card or gift? Thank Him! Nothing is too big or too small to praise God. 

3) Pray before bed. This is a great habit that I've started practicing (because I used to have trouble falling asleep). Now, every night after I'm done reading, I'll pray about what happened that day, my praises and my hopes and dreams. 

Which of these tips are you looking forward to practicing? Let me know in the comments or send an email to hello@ellyandgrace.com!


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  • Debbie

    Good practical tips. Sometimes it takes something so simple to get back on track. Thank you xoxo

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