2021 Year In Review

✨2021 Year in Review✨

Such a rollercoaster year!

Some Highlights -
🤍 We launched the Grace Club - our monthly subscription!

🤍 We partnered with Buc-ees, and our shirts are in over 20 of their stores!

🤍 We added several styles to our line - including tunics and terry hoodies!

🤍 We attended our first Christian Product Expo - what a learning experience!

🤍 I designed a TON of stickers, and you all LOVED them!

🤍 We were featured in @joyfullifemagazine!

🤍 I did a few podcast interviews - totally out of my comfort zone!

🤍 I started doing a Reel every. other. day. 😅

🤍 We dove deeper into screenprinting and started offering many more multicolor designs (and more to come)!

🤍 Our team handled supply chain issues, shortages, delays and price increases with grace!

THANK YOU for your support! Each product you purchase not only helps us continue to do what we do, but also helps encourage countless people who read the message you choose to wear!

Some things worked well in 2021 and somethings didn’t work quite so well, but our 2022 goal is simple:
We want to help more people get into the Word of God and point others to Jesus.

Wishing you many blessings this new year!

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