"Faith Learns Forgiveness" Book + Linen Doll Set

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The So Loved Collection, inspired by John 3:16, empowers parents, friends, and family members to share the Gospel with children in their lives in an inviting and relatable way through linen dolls and faith-filled stories.

A Message from Brenna, Founder:
We all have options about what we consume - whether it's the books we read, the toys we play with, the music we listen to, or the television we watch. Our hope in this series is this will be a resource in introducing core values in the name of Jesus and make conversations about relationships, unity, and love easier - no matter what circumstances look like. And I pray that this story creates the opportunity for meaningful moments about the Gospel and points you both to Jesus.

☑️  Written by Brenna, Founder of EllyandGrace & the So Loved Collection
☑️  Appropriate for Ages 3-10
☑️  Hardcover, 21 Pages
☑️  Beautifully Crafted Linen Dolls to Bring Characters to Life
☑️  Shipped with Love from Missouri

Join Faith as she navigates the challenging emotions stirred by her little sister's actions. In "Faith Learns Forgiveness," readers are drawn into Faith's dilemma: Does she HAVE to forgive her sister? Seeking guidance, Faith turns to the Bible to uncover the profound wisdom it holds about forgiveness.

This must-read book resonates with young readers and serves as a poignant reminder to people of all ages about the significance of loving others as Jesus loves us. Through Faith's relatable experience, readers discover the transformative power of forgiveness and the healing it brings to relationships.

"Faith Learns Forgiveness" is not only an engaging story but also an educational resource that draws wisdom from the Bible's teachings on forgiveness. It sparks conversations about the biblical principles of compassion, mercy, and grace, providing a valuable opportunity to deepen understanding and faith.

Complementing the book is our meticulously crafted linen doll, Faith. With her endearing design and soft fabric, Faith becomes a faithful companion, reinforcing the importance of forgiveness. She serves as a tangible reminder of the journey towards forgiveness and the love that Jesus has shown us, guiding children towards a heart filled with grace and understanding.

Experience the power of forgiveness through the Faith Learns Forgiveness Book and Linen Doll Set. Empower your child to navigate the complexities of forgiveness with grace and love, embracing the transformative message of the book and the tangible presence of Faith, their faithful companion.

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Customer Reviews

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sleepyslothmomma (Dallas, TX, US)
Beautiful doll and illustrations

I bought this for my niece for Christmas. It's an absolutely beautiful doll and the book illustrations are just as beautiful. The message is upliftingI bought this for my niece for Christmas. It's an absolutely beautiful doll and the book illustrations are just as beautiful. The message is uplifting and a great addition to any library. and a great addition to any library.


Well made cute dolls with spiritual lessons kids can understand.


The doll was missing from my order. The set was purchased as the “star” of the Easter Basket. Even though i notified the merchant immediately, and there was sufficient time for the doll to mea h me with expedited shipping, they chose to use their standard shipping, so we had quiet the disappointment to deal with. I of course scrambled with a note saying it would be delivered by the “package truck”, but that just isn’t quite the same making.


Beautiful doll and book. Will buy again. My kids loved it.


I love the concept of this, but sadly my 3 year old didn’t love it as much as I hoped she would. The book is much much wordier than I expected it to be for a small child. I would encourage a much shorter story for smaller children.

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