EllyandGrace Gives Back

Most people don't know this, but before I started ellyandgrace, I worked at a few nonprofits in the St. Louis area- in events and annual giving (AKA- fundraising). I inherited my philanthropic nature from my parents, and my husband and I support several causes both personally and through ellyandgrace. A portion of the proceeds of every item purchased supports many causes in addition to our Home Church- including the three below.

Compassion International - Compassion International provides Love, Education, Supplements, Health Care, Recreational Activities, the gospel message and Christ Centered spiritual guidance through their sponsorship program. We are so honored to sponsor several children through Compassion! 

Birthright, STL - I handlettered a Choose Life design in early 2019, and a portion of the sales from each shirt with that design goes to the Melissa's Smile Assistance Program at Birthright STL. This Program provides financial and emotional support to any mother or father who is told that their baby will have disabilities. 

CIY - I'm a BIG fan of CIY (aka Christ in Youth). Their mission is to call youth to Christ and in to a life of Kingdom work through the local church. I attended several CIY events in jr. high and high school, and we are proud to support their important work. As a side note, if you know any jr. high or high school students- I can't recommend their programs strongly enough!