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Ellyandgrace Exists to Uplift, Inspire, and Point Others to Jesus

I get it- you've ordered scratchy, uncomfortable christian shirts that were shoved into boring packaging. They could have shipped from overseas and taken 2 months to arrive...or worse- they never showed up at all.

Customer service was impossible to get ahold of, and now you're stuck dealing with a disputed charge, when all you wanted was a way to share your faith! GAH! Even writing it is frustrating!

EllyandGrace is Different.

Hey- I'm Brenna! I started Ellyandgrace in 2016. I was unhappy in my nonprofit day job, and was looking for something that would help me share my faith! I attended a women's conference on being fearless.....and while I was listening to the message the mission of ellyandgrace was born!

I started printing shirts in my unfinished basement, and now our amazing team prints your shirts each day in our Missouri office!

OUR MISSION? To provide high quality faith based apparel and accessories that help YOU feel confident, comfy and also gives you a way to spread the news about Jesus.

So if you're looking for the personal touch, shirts wrapped like a gift and great customer service- you've come to the right place! 

Want to know more? Check out our Behind the Scenes and Meet the Team!

Questions? Email hello@ellyandgrace.com! I'd love to hear from you. You can also follow me on instagram- @ellyandgrace to see behind the scenes, handlettered freebies, and pictures of my dog, Sawyer and daughter, Grace!