"Hope & the Grumbles" Book + Linen Doll Set

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The So Loved Collection, inspired by John 3:16, empowers parents, friends, and family members to share the Gospel with children in their lives in an inviting and relatable way through linen dolls and faith-filled stories.

A Message from Brenna, Founder:
We all have options about what we consume - whether it's the books we read, the toys we play with, the music we listen to, or the television we watch. Our hope in this series is this will be a resource in introducing core values in the name of Jesus and make conversations about relationships, unity, and love easier - no matter what circumstances look like. And I pray that this story creates the opportunity for meaningful moments about the Gospel and points you both to Jesus.

☑️  Written by Brenna, Founder of EllyandGrace & the So Loved Collection
☑️  Appropriate for Ages 3-10
☑️  Hardcover, 22 Pages
☑️  Beautifully Crafted Linen Dolls to Bring Characters to Life
☑️  Shipped with Love from Missouri

Meet Hope, a young girl who finds herself in the WORST mood. But fear not, for with the help of Grace, Faith, and the guidance of Jesus, Hope discovers the best way to banish the grumbles.

In "Hope and the Grumbles," a delightful story unfolds, teaching an important lesson about shifting our focus from ourselves to doing kind things for others, all in the name of Jesus.

This captivating narrative showcases the transformative power of Jesus' love as Hope learns the joy that comes from acts of kindness and empathy. Through the gentle guidance of her friends, Hope discovers the abundant blessings that await when we set our hearts on serving others. "Hope and the Grumbles" becomes a touching reminder that Jesus is the ultimate source of hope, peace, and selflessness.

Our goal is to inspire young readers to cultivate a Christ-centered mindset of compassion and generosity. As children immerse themselves in this enchanting story, they will gain valuable insights into the importance of following Jesus' example and spreading His love through acts of kindness.

Accompanying the book is our meticulously crafted 13" linen doll, Hope, serving as a cherished friend and visual representation of the story's message. With her soft fabric and charming design, she serves as a constant reminder of Jesus' love and our calling to be His hands and feet in the world.

Experience the power of Hope's journey, intertwined with the love of Jesus, through our Hope and the Grumbles Linen Doll and Book Set. Let your child discover the beauty of selflessness, guided by Jesus' teachings, and learn how spreading His love can transform their own lives and the lives of those around them.

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Customer Reviews

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sleepyslothmomma (Dallas, TX, US)
Beautiful doll and illustrations

I bought this for my niece for Christmas. It's an absolutely beautiful doll and the book illustrations are just as beautiful. The message is upliftingI bought this for my niece for Christmas. It's an absolutely beautiful doll and the book illustrations are just as beautiful. The message is uplifting and a great addition to any library. and a great addition to any library.


Doll is super cute! She is a nice size. Book is good quality as well. The box which is a really nice part of the presentation was damaged in front. It had been crammed in the mailbox with another package


I gave this to my 6-year-old granddaughter as an early Christmas gift and she absolutely love the doll and I read her the story. A very sweet gift to give to a child.


This is the second one that I got both my granddaughters and they both just love them there 6 and 8

Michelle Green (Ogden, UT, US)
Grace & the Fruit of the Spirit book

Exactly as described - bought this for my granddaughter for Christmas. She is going to love it!

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