Faith Based Gifts with Peach Leaves Boutique

One of my favorite things about opening up my shop is that I get to interact with other small shops. One of my favorite is peach leaves boutique!
Savannah makes beautiful bracelets that pair perfectly with ellyandgrace shirts, like the spirit lead me shirt, shown below. 
I'm always looking for a bit of color to liven up the greys and browns outside during the colder months. I love the color of the spirit lead me shirt (shown here in heather blue) and the contrasting colors of the peach leaves boutique bracelets.
One of my FAVORITE bracelets I've gotten from Savannah is the Peach Moonstone Bracelet.  It has one very sparkly bead, and the colors on the rest of the bracelet are simply beautiful. 

I love knowing that Savannah handmade the bracelets for me. They make me feel so fashionable! If you're looking for a great pairing, pick up an ellyandgrace shirt and a bracelet today!
What are your favorite small shops? Let me know in the comments!

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